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Pierce Brosnan: 'I Was Never Good Enough as Bond'

The Telegraph:
Once he was Bond, in his latest role he's a retiree turned diamond robber. As The Love Punch opens, Pierce Brosnan discusses bad times, buffoonery, and acting his age

One morning last summer, Pierce Brosnan woke up alone and miserable in a hotel room in Serbia, and realised he was 60. “My wife had given me a great birthday party the night before in Malibu,” he says, “and sent me off with all my birthday cards and said, you must put them all up, which I dutifully did when I got in. The next morning all the birthday cards were there and there was one in the middle that said 60. Just that number alone…” He smiles ruefully.

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alycakes2475d ago

I saw the previews to this move The Love Punch and at first I thought it's just going to be a dumb movie but I was laughing so hard just at the previews at the theater. I'm going to go see it just for that alone. Sometimes it's good just to go see a movie for fun and to laugh a little.

-Foxtrot2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Don't say that, you were awesome as Bond.

I think he suited the James Bond character very well. He's better then Daniel Craig in my opinion, I think Daniel Craig's version of Bond, serious, lack of gadgets, straight faced etc would of suited a Bourne reboot instead, I mean Casino Royale was good but it felt more like a Bourne film then James Bond. Skyfall is the only Daniel Craig Bond film which actually feels like a Bond film.