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"Quotes culled from earlier reviews and shown in the trailer for The Raid 2 call it the best action movie ever made. I’m not ready to go that far, but it definitely pushes the boundaries of action filmmaking in exciting ways. I can’t properly put into words how refreshing it is to take in a film that seems in tune with the violence that many of us not just see but experience everyday through virtual entertainment. It neither hangs its hat on its savagery ala something like A History of Violence nor does it go over the top like some slasher film. It instead presents it in a dramatized but still real way. It brings its cliched story to life in a new and engaging manner, and avoids the trap of chastising its viewers for enjoying the grim carnage it presents. It is a proto-action film for others to be judged against, a treasure that will certainly inspire future filmmakers in its wake, and a vision of arcade brawlers brought to life in a visceral manner only hinted at on cabinet artwo...

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viccrack2476d ago

cant wait for raid 2 . 1 was epic