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TVF The Following Review: Face Off

There is a certain ridiculousness to The Following, but put Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy in the same room for an actual face to face, not just a fleeting smirk-off, and a real captivating sense of scene and tension appears.

It’s just too bad we don’t get more of these interactions between the show’s stars.

Both Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll seem to find some weird enjoyment about their cat and mouse with each other. Their entire conversation once again felt very reminiscent of The Dark Knight, of Joker’s recognition that he won’t kill Batman because he enjoys the game with him.

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alycakes3221d ago

Well, most won't agree and I'm usually not this way but somebody needed to take Lilly out and so many times they could have gotten her.....I'm glad she's gone and I'm glad Mike had the nerve to do it. I don't know what's going to happen to him now and I hope he doesn't have to pay to high a price, compared to all the damage Lilly and her sons have caused and her sons will stil probably cause, he shouldn't have to pay any price for what he did.