TVF Bones Review: Mother Knows Best

TVF:There was an interesting and yet confusing case of the week on Bones Season 9 Episode 21, flanked by some great personal stories making it a very strong hour.

You'd think that the investigation into cryogenics would be pretty cool, but once they discovered the body was frozen, yet not by usual criminal methods, it kind of fell apart from there.

All we really learned about cryogenics was that they are regulated like funeral homes and have very little oversight.

I watched the important sections several times trying to determine the cause of death of the victim and all I got was that she was somehow killed and then frozen by the owner of the joint in a mad hope that she would wake up years later and suddenly be in love with him. How odd.

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alycakes2477d ago

It's good to see the case they're working on but also to be able to see a part of their personal lives in the mix sometimes to keep it interesting.