Samuel L. Jackson May Return for Die Hard 6


A key character from the Die Hard franchise may be headed back to the big screen! Latino Review's "El Mayimbe" posted the below to his Twitter account, suggesting that 20th Century Fox has been meeting with writers to find a way to incorporate Samuel L. Jackson's Die Hard with a Vengeance character, Zeus Carver, in a sixth big screen film.

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-Foxtrot2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Hopefully this will be good, if it's going to be the last Bruce Willis Die Hard film then I hope to god it will send the franchise off on a high note.

I mean why add his son in the 5th one, as a normal average guy or maybe a policeman like his dad sure but a CIA agent...come on. Hopefully his children will stay out of it

Oh and they better bring back Holly, I can't believe they made it so they divorced after everything he went through in the first three films.

I suppose the only way they could bring Zeus back if it's related to the Gruber family in someway, kind of like a revenge flick. The first film was about a Gruber, the third film was, it only makes sense the last film would tie back to the first film and bring it full circle.