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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrow, The Walking Dead: Who Did It Best?

Comic book series often fall back on the same handful of tropes to tell stories — and it’s natural, since many mainstream comics are superhero books, or at least superhero-driven and exist in the same universe as their respective publishers’ superhero titles.

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Soldierone3217d ago

Personally think TWD does it best. Follow the comics, but veer off just enough to keep it interesting.

ironfist923217d ago

Not a fan of TWD personally, but I do agree it is of higher quality and consistency when compared to Arrow.

I do however enjoy how Arrow is not afraid to play with the DC universe, and is no limited to using whoever they want, which is what Agents of Shield fails to do.

Plus I prefer Superheroes from DC over Zombies anyday.

KingPin3217d ago

people still watch the walking dead.

i stopped after season 3 beginning season 4, its pretty much more of the same over and over.

rick is doing "stuff and things."
carl is a wanna-be bad-ass.
that redneck dude is on his own vibes.
the ninja chick has issues.
the chinese dude and that chick is like the romance bit.

each episode starts off exciting.
then slows down to a crawl. with them walking around talking random things.
then there is a short section of zombies again.
more and more talking. (at this point you question why you still watching)
ends with something exciting to keep you to come watch the next episode.