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29 Upcoming Movies Based on Video Games

Here is the list of 29 upcoming movies based on video games. Have a look.

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viccrack3220d ago

wow mass effect would be epic. and wtf angry bird movie ? how will they pull that ?lol

KingPin3219d ago

well if they could make a movie about a fish that got lost im sure they can be creative about birds attacking pigs for some reason. lol

viccrack3219d ago

haha true it would be fun watching some birds killing pigs .

Soldierone3219d ago

To be honest a lot of them are just licenses being bought in case they make a movie. If Angry Birds stays popular with kids, or video game movies get big, then movies like this will actually get made.

Otherwise, if it doesn't start "filming" next year, expect it to be delayed.

ironfist923219d ago

I still dream of a Guillermo Del Toro directed Bioshock film

KingPin3219d ago

looking at all these games with great stories, its such a shame when you think hollywood is going to butcher nearly all of them.

last of us
metal gear solid
shadow of the Colossus

you cant tell any of these stories in under 2 hours. and if they do, character development is out the window. games like metal gear, will probably get watered down to the point where it will just be another sci-fi movie with the metal gear name tacked on.

viccrack3219d ago

last of us would be an another zombie movie :( lol

Soldierone3219d ago

It's because Hollywood big wigs feel they know us more than we know us. They sit there and say how video games can't tell a story properly yatta yatta, then turn around and release a Resident Evil movie....

You'd think with a lot of movies, well pretty much everything that isn't Marvel, is slumping like hell they would change their ways. Nope, lets keep making action packed senseless movie 4!

aDDicteD3219d ago

out of those 29 im sure half of it would be pushed, cancelled or heavily delayed.

how many video games adapted films have been great? or even good, there are some out there but i could name more films that was not done right.

i also agree that the good films listed like; metal gear solid, the last of us, god of war etc. cannot be outdone compared how the game presented its story.

even a mortal kombat or tomb raider reboot has not been done as of now. i hope more established directors could handle some video game movies, its surely going to make money as long as it pleases the fans.