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Sting Signs Deal With WWE

Junkie Monkeys: It has been a pretty shocking and devastating week in wrestling. The Undertaker’s impressive WrestleMania streak was taken away by Brock Lesnar, Ultimate Warrior passed away only a a few days after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and now Sting has reportedly signed a deal with WWE.

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Garethvk2386d ago

I cannot wait to hear him open matches with Roxanne or Message in a Bottle.

Treezy5042386d ago Show
pop-voxuli2386d ago

WTF does that have to do with anything?

Treezy5042386d ago

Sting (not the wrestler) was a former member of the group The Police. @Garethvk was making a joke about that Sting coming to the ring and singing those hits because well his name is Sting too.

jordan84452386d ago

This has been reported every year since 2001. In 'newsletters'. In fact I recall a more reliable report recently on Sting wrestling in Europe.

sovietsoldier2386d ago

but why undertaker streak is already busted.

cogniveritas2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

That's exactly why it should happen. With the streak out of the way, there is less of a chance of needing to guarantee the Undertaker will win as it's been for a while. The outcome can be more unpredictable. There would be the question of whether or not they would allow the Undertaker to lose again, or would Sting agree to sign up just to know he is scheduled to lose to redeem the Undertaker in a final match. Anything could happen.

cell9892386d ago

who took away his streak?

solid_snake36562386d ago

I wish he comes back as "the crow" sting. He was amazing when he showed no emotion

Lord_Sloth2386d ago

Sting was always my favorite. Back when I was a kid I had a shirt with him holding up the planet and I worse it every day I could. XXXD

swishersweets200312386d ago

I might actually watch wrestling again after 15 years of not watching it if he comes back.

swishersweets200312386d ago

what ruined it for me was when the downfall of wcw started. Then WWF was all about soap opera junk with tripple H and stephanie mcmahn, shows how long ago i watched it. Pay for a PPV and majority of that hour was just talking, the shows became too much about talking. It just got so cheesy, and the new wrestlers were not exciting at all. So i just stopped watching.

cell9892386d ago

I stopped watching when Goldberg left WWE. I think it was when he choreographed with Brock Lesnar. Anyway yeah its been long time and just like you, its the same reason I stopped watching it, too much talking. They would prolong the fight way too long. By the time the guy walked to the ring with his trademark entrance, then got the mic, ranted for at least 5 mins, had someone else interrupt his speech, both waiting for the crowd to shut up so they can continue talking smack to each other, well by the time you actually saw action almost an hour had passes!!

it was around this time I watched GSP vs Penn, I never looked back

ColonelRex2385d ago

"MMA ruined WWE for me"

Why? MMA and pro wrestling have nothing to do with each other. One is entertainment and the other is fighting.

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