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'Timecop' Reboot Snags 'Journey 2' Writers

THR Heat Vision:
Universal’s Timecop reboot has found a pair of writers.

Mark and Brian Gunn, who wrote the screenplay for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, have been tapped to write the script for Timecop, which is a remake of the 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme time travel action movie.

Marc Shmuger will produce the film under his Universal-based Global Produce, his shingle that was involved in making We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks and The Spectacular Now.

Mike Richardson of Dark Horse, the company that published the comic the movie is based on, will serve as an executive producer.

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alycakes3221d ago

I'm not sure about these reboots they keep doing. Some work but most don't. They need more original ideas.

ironfist923219d ago

First Robocop remake, now Timecop remake, whats next, Kindergarten Cop remake??

listenkids3219d ago

First Robocop.. Not the hundreds of remakes before it?

ironfist923218d ago

You must mean the "sequels"

listenkids3218d ago

You completely misunderstand. You speak as of Robocop was the first remake to grace our screens, when we've been remaking and rebooting films for over 50 years.

ironfist923217d ago

Duh, I was making a joke tying in all the "-cop" films.

Anthotis3219d ago

I wonder who they'll pick as the main character. Tom Hardy or Mark Wahlberg?

Lord_Sloth3218d ago

For a Van Damme replacement? Neither. Scott Adkins.