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Amazing Spider-Man 2 Viral Teases A Future For Carnage


Over the last few months, the viral Daily Bugle Tumblr set up in promotion of Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been regularly spitting out stories that do what they can to expand in growing comic book movie universe. Sometimes the articles elaborate what what has happened to characters we've already seen on screen - like when they reported the fate of Dr. Curt Connors, a.k.a. The Lizard - but others have actually introduced many notable new characters from the comics, like Jackal and The Enforcers. Because virals are so unpredictable, it's hard to say what's actually canon and what's not, but if the latest write-up from the Daily Bugle site is to be believed then we may soon see our first live-action adaptation of Carnage in the Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

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Crazay2479d ago


Mankey2477d ago

Ohhhhhhhhh YES.

waiting 10 years to see Carnage hit the big screen.

-Foxtrot2479d ago

No...Please.....Carnage needs to be kept for a more darker, older Spiderman

After years of defeating villains only to come up against his most deadly enemy. Andrew Garfields version wouldn't go with this

iamnsuperman2478d ago

Why? The first film had a dark sub plot that could easily be explored.

-Foxtrot2478d ago

It just dosen't suite the overall films in my opinion. Venom yes...Carnage no.

The fact is they are shoving too many villains into this universe and we're only into the second film.

Carnage wasn't a good fit for Raimi's universe which is why I'm glad they never did Spiderman 4 and not for Webb's.

They should hold onto him until the right time comes.

Simon_Brezhnev2478d ago

Yeah i might have to agree with you. Carnage needs to be bloody like Wolverine movies. It should be borderline rated r. He is a crazy mass murder. They would probably ruin him give him some stupid back story why he isnt purely evil.

-Foxtrot2478d ago

Exactly, the Amazing Spiderman films are aimed at a different audience which is why it's themes are different. At the end of the day they would dumb Carnage down because of the tone the films have taken now.

People keep saying Webbs films have a dark tone but I don't see it. I think they are worst compared to Raimi's universe, the only thing they got right was giving Peter the intellect and the web cartridges, but as himself he looks like one of the many bullies who would of picked on Peter Parker. I mean all they did for Garfield was slap for thick black glasses on him and BAM...he's now a geek, he takes them off and he's "transformed" 39;s kind of funny to be honest.

Anyway Carnage like you said is a mass murder, 10 times worse then Venom, at least Venom does what he does because of those who stand in his way but Carnage, he's just a psycho and that's why Sony need to wait until they do a new trilogy and make an older, wiser Peter Parker which has dark tones like what Nolan did for Batman.

The best thing Sony can do is introduce Venom and hint at Carnage.

I really think after the spin off and the third film they should stop.

Baka-akaB2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Huh ? the best carnage stories , like Maximum Carnage werent even that graphic , most of it was hinted and subtly shown rather than full on gore ... nor was the Peter Parker character himself in some darker gritty place . It just dealt with a crazy powered killer inciting riots , not SAW level graphic violence .

There is no need to "dark knight " and gritty further the story to make a proper Carnage adventure . It was published in the gritty 90s , but a farcry from the wolverine or punisher books of that era .

Anyway , i'm not saying i want him on the next movie or any movie , but there is no underlying issue with his use in a not R rated setting

TXIDarkAvenger2478d ago

Kind of agree, I mean just look at Spider-Man 3 and its amount of villians

KingPin2477d ago

100% agree with you.

carnage cannot happen in a PG13 movie. if they going to do him, either go 100% or dont do it at all. going halfway will only ruin it...but it seems like hollywood is all about ruining things lately.
transformers, ninja turtles, robocop, die hard...just a few examples.

Baka-akaB2477d ago

Of course it can happen , the best carnage series in books and cartoon happened in pg13 settings .

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GenericNameHere2478d ago

Is TASM videogame canon to the movie? They have different Rhinos, so maybe they got rid of the tie-in with TASM2? If you've seen the trailer for TASM videogame, you can clearly see Cletus Cassidy and the red symbiotes attaching to his arm.

link2Dpast2478d ago

Some of you guys comments are absurd. Stop basing everything on what you know. Yes carnage is a crazy mofo but I remember him.from the Saturday morning cartoons as my first encounter of him and that wasent so bad. You guys push these ideas of how close these iterations should be to thier comic book counter parts and its hilarious because in the end of the day hollywood would find a way to do it anyway,they"ll make him a crazy veterinarian mofo that experiments on animals to combine their dna and you get some freaky looking creatures, this is what Hollywood would do and makes him look crazy. Like Hollywood akways does nost off the time, screw it up and scream out "suck it fans" and you guys gonna still go see it.

Baka-akaB2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Yeah you have to wonder what do they actually remember from Carnage . Everything good with him was in fairly soft material . It's later on as his popularity and use dwindled that we had the mature books in the 00s .