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Cobie Smulders to Reprise Agents of SHIELD Role, Team Up with Coulson

Fresh off its biggest shocker to date, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has announced another surprise for viewers:

Cobie Smulders will soon reprise her beloved role as Agent Maria Hill, the character she portrayed in The Avengers and in Captain American 2, as well as on the SHIELD pilot.

According to TV Line, the How I Met Your Mother will stop by the April 29 installment of the ratings-challenged drama and play a “large role.”

Look for viewers to finally witness Coulson and Hill enjoying a lot of action-packed screen time together as well.

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alycakes3223d ago

I won't mind seeing her more often. I think she's got a cool job as an agent of SHIELD

medman3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

This show is truly abysmal, but I keep it in my dvr rotation hoping it will improve drastically. Having smulders on the show has to help somewhat.

alycakes3222d ago

I actually like it a lot but that's the type of shows I like....different with a twist. Anything Marvel or DC related I'm usually attracted to and not all the episodes are top notch but for the most part they're pretty good.