Captain America The Winter Soldier ACFRADIO Review

"Captain America Marvel Comics most patriotic hero returns to the big screen in a all new movie Captain America The Winter soldier. as always Captain America is played by non other than Chris Evans. Along with returning cast Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Now for those who saw the first movie and saw what followed up with The Avengers, you know that the first movie was set based in the 1940′s during world war II. Then later in avengers we get to see Captain America once again trying to get back into fulfilling his heroic duty american hero in modern time accompanied with other "memorable Mravel super heroes along with shield. In this movie however Captain America is back working solo… Well almost we still get the company of Nick Fury and Black Widow as Captain work with them under shield. So just from that you can tell we are in for ride with this movie."

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calis1904d ago

Saw this today. Great movie, might be the best after the Avengers.