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Michael C. Hall on Those Daredevil Rumors: ‘I Would Definitely Consider It’


Netflix and Marvel Studios are bringing comic book hero Daredevil to the streaming service for a new series, and according to online gossip, Michael C. Hall is the big name being eyed for the lead. Last night, at the premiere of Hall's new Broadway venture The Realistic Joneses, we asked the actor about those juicy rumors.

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alycakes3223d ago

I don't know who would be good for that part but I'm not sure he would be either.

Excalibur3223d ago

Not saying he wouldn't do a good job but I'd pick someone a bit younger than 43 to play DD.

Baka-akaB3223d ago

I can see him as matt murdoch , but as his alter ego darevil ? I dunno

000013223d ago

after seeing him lead the Dexter series, i think Hall would be a good fit, i think only if Marvel is committed to making a much darker DareDevil series in line with Frank Miller's comic run. if it's going to be a show filled with teenage drama and cliche story lines like the Arrow series on WB, then forget it, and just find someone who appeals as face for marketing the show to the average viewer.

MasterD9193223d ago

If you ever remember watching the first episode of Dexter where he loses it on that kid- you would know he has the acting chops to play Daredevil. He's also in decent shape considering he once had cancer.

I'd be ecstatic to see him play Matt Murdoch. It would also likely free him from the Dexter-void he is locked into.

Porcelain_Chicken3222d ago

Not trying to be a grammar Nazi but you're the second poster on here who calls spells Murdock like this ----> Murdoch. Did it change? o_o

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