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Is Iron Man 4 a Possibility in Marvel’s Phase 3?

Pure|News discusses whether or not is possible to see a fourth Iron Man movie on Marvel's Phase 3, after a recent survey asks viewers if they wanted to see a fourth Iron Man movie.

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-Foxtrot2485d ago

Hopefully, I really want to see RBJ in another Iron Man film

For me it's just to send it off on a high note if it does become the last one for RDJ, can we finally get Stark going against the REAL Mandarin.

MrGunny942485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

The Mandarin is a question which we currently don't know how it's gonna be addressed.

With all this of what happened in Winter Soldier... I don't wanna spoil but could connect to Mandarin.

We'll see how the events of Age of Ultron (which involves what happened in Winter SOldier like we've seen in Set photos of Age of Ultron) would impact Tony Stark.

UPDATE: Also the current situation with Iron Man 3, that doesn't fit any timeline in Phase 2 is really worrying.

alycakes2485d ago

If they make another Iron Man I don't think it will be with RDJ. I know he signed up for 3 and for the Avengers but he didn't sign up for another iron man film. I think it would take a lot to get him to make another one.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32484d ago

Something tells me they are just going to do a War Machine movie instead of trying to reboot Iron Man, but I don't think RDJ has another film in him. He is supposedly making another Sherlock Holmes films. Between that and his other projects I don't see a lot of room for it, not to mention by the time they get around to filming it he will be in his 50s.

ironfist922484d ago

I dont know, i feel like RDJ has had his fun with his solo Iron Man films.

Aside from featuring in Avengers, and potentially in Hulk with a Hulk-buster suit, i dont think there's more need for Iron Man.

BenqMagician2484d ago

I agree with you ironfist92 there's no need for another iron man movie saying that I want a real iron man movie not the fake Mandarin crap that was shoved in our faces.