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Did Captain America: The Winter Soldier Really Beat Man Of Steel?

It’s easy to get lost in box office numbers. With all the various special screenings, early night showings, and midnight showings, sometimes it’s difficult to compare apples to apples on opening night screenings. When Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuted to a $10.2 million opening night, many were quick to point out that it beat the $9 million in late night screenings that Man of Steel took in.

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Soldierone2480d ago

Don't know about other areas, but the Wal-marts in my area all sold out of the thursday screenings of Superman, so I don't see why you wouldn't count it.

That being said, Marvel's hero beating out DC's wouldn't be a surprise either. Marvel has the power right now, DC/WB had pretty much failed up to this point so until they do something epic they will almost always lose. Unless of course its Batman.