‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Breaks April Records: $96.2 Million Opening Weekend

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Marvel’s hegemony continues, but it’s too be expected, right? If the mediocre “Thor: The Dark World” could open to $85 million domestically, surely the better-reviewed and mostly critically-loved “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” could best that by a significant margin, right? Well, in almost 4,000 theaters, it was only roughly $10 million (12%) more, but the ‘Captain America’ sequel broke April box-office records this weekend and grossed a whopping $10.2 million during late Thursday screenings and $30-something million on opening day. The cumulative effect rang up $96.2 million, a little shy of the breaking $100 million estimates, but still Marvel’s fourth-highest opening ever after “The Avengers,” “Iron Man 3” and “Iron Man 2,” which does seem a little low compared to ‘IM2,’ but it is April, and Chris Evans is not quite Robert Downey Jr. Still, as being criticized for the most boring of ‘Avengers’ characters, the Captain is sitting pretty this weekend.

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alycakes1927d ago

That's great and it's really not over yet because the weekend isn't over until midnight tonight.

Deadpool6161926d ago

Captain America 2 was an incredible sequel. I will be watching it again in theaters.

MilkMan1926d ago

Well deserved. What was that turd I saw earlier that made me hate all superhero flicks? Oh yeah Wolverine. Hey Cap! You did magnificently.