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Review – Captain America: The Winter Soldier - PowerLeveled

Since Iron Man came out in 2008, Marvel Studios have made an indelible mark on the superhero genre. Winter Soldier is the latest entry into said genre.
Opening a few years after the events of the Avengers (and Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 of course), we find Steve Rogers in Washington D.C. doing what he does best: be the embodiment of the American Dream. Of course, because things would be boring if that was the entire movie, things quickly shift to a hijacked freighter, kicking the action into full gear. Not only does the action kick off from here, but it also begins a winding path of deception, lies, and general dickishness. And, of course, that leads to the titular Winter Soldier.

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JoeIsMad3231d ago

This was the best Cap ever. Possibly the best Marvel.

ROQFrost3231d ago

I personally still need to go see it. But from what I've heard from friends it's really good.

Stevefantisy3231d ago

Can't be all that bad if it hit a record at $10.2 million dollars on its Thursday night release in the US. I'm sad to say did better than Man of Steel's $9 million.

Simon_Brezhnev3230d ago

True but Man of Steal 2 will do better probably.

JoeIsMad3230d ago

I'm pretty sure that there's no way Batfleck will beat Cap. No way.

Simon_Brezhnev3229d ago

Im not talking about batman vs sup im talking about when they actually make Man of Steel 2.

coolbeans3230d ago

Agree with the score. Great superhero film all-around with a interesting spies/conspiracy angle that separates it from the rest of the Marvel pack.

Qrphe3230d ago

The romance between Steve and Natasha felt forced in a cringing-kind-of way.

imtiyaz63230d ago

IMO, the movie could have been so much better. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nick Fury faking his death cheapened the plot for me. Cap's endeavor of going up against SHIELD all on his own got much easier because of Fury's return.