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TVF The Big Bang Theory Review: Decisions, Decisions

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

Sheldon, Raj and Penny are all faced with important-to-them choices on The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 19 - and these quandaries provided the set up for the funniest installment of the year.

I don't often physically laugh while watching television, so when I do it's got to be a really funny episode. This one left me cracking up several times. I enjoyed all three of the storylines, which is highly unusual. Normally one of them is much weaker than the others.

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alycakes2480d ago

I have to catch up on everything I watch on Thursday because of bad weather last night all that was on were the weather casters until 9pm....very annoying.

Software_Lover2479d ago

The fanboys on N4G are having a field day. There was even an "article" about how Microsoft paid TBBT to promote the XBone and that is why he didn't choose the PS4. It's just sad.

KingPin2479d ago

after all his research his still picks the inferior console. definitely sounds like a pay-off to me.

and he refrains mentioning some key points for ps4 mainly price, power and free online. there is nothing xbox one has to beat those advantages.

ironfist922479d ago

What annoyed me was that he missed the very point of buying a console in the first place..THE GAMES!

Not once did he ever mention a single game or games which alters his choice.

His decision making skills was almost as pointless as fanboys insulting skills.

DivineHand1252478d ago

I saw the episode and there was nothing in there to suggest that they were being paid my Microsoft. To them price does not matter because his girl friend offered to buy both of them plus a new entertainment center due to his indecisiveness. Also after he choose the Xbox one he recalled having a history of always betting on the wrong horse even though the better one was always obvious to everyone else except him.
There is also something incorrect in your comment. The only games that has free online on the ps4 are the free to play mmos and nothing else. You will need to pay a subscription fee just like xbox.

calis2478d ago

Considering he made fun of DDR3 and didn't pick any console I'm not sure where they were paid off.

Drekken2478d ago

A guys that is supposed to be a genius had a hard time choosing a console... Never once we're games mentioned. Never once was the fact that the ps4 is more powerful was mentioned... He even went as far as to praise the esram in the Xbox which has been the biggest complaint from Devs. Sheldon actually did pick a console. He picked the Xbox. He then was the ps4 and got confused again.

I'm glad he didn't pick either. If he would have picked the Xbox I would have been annoyed. For such a smart guy he was really dumb that episode.