Karl Urban Says They Are Working Hard To Make Dredd 2


Karl Urban has a message to Dredd fans regarding the sequel and says they are working hard to make it happen.

He thanks the fans and says to continue with the support as it really does help.

Following the 2012 Dredd movie, fans started a petition for Dredd 2, which has now reached over 100,000 signatures!

Check out Urban's message below.

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Crazay2490d ago

I still haven't gotten around to watching the last one all the way through. What's awesome is Karl is going to be a guest here for our local Comic Con.

ironfist922490d ago

How could you not? Its an intense movie!

Crazay2490d ago

Normally I put it on late at night which is nearly the only time I get to watch anything and then I often fall asleep.

ABizzel12489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

That's because they're waiting for The Raid Redemption 2, so they can copy it again.

Both of them were good movies, but Dredd was a futuristic clone of TRR.

MrDead2490d ago

Watch the film, read the graphic novels you won't believe how amazing the Dredd universe is and you’ll understand Urban’s passion for this character.

When I was younger I loved my superhero comics but after reading one copy of 2000ad I ditched them and never looked back.

MilkMan2490d ago

YES PLEASE make this happen!

Spiewie 2489d ago

We'll have to wait and see it does deserve a sequel.

hazelamy2489d ago

such a brilliant movie, i really hope they get to make a sequel.

Karl Urban was fantastic as Dredd.

problemchild842489d ago

I liked the movie, but it was basically the same as "The Raid : Redemption" only with guns. Hopefully the next one is a little more original.

That being said Dredd is such a cool character and I would love to see more R rated comic book movies do well.

big_dom_returns2489d ago

"it was basically the same as The Raid"

No, it wasn't. The only thing The Raid had in common was that it was set in a very tall building. That was it! That's the same as saying The Raid is the same as Die Hard, and I don't see too many people making that comparison. Oh, and a bit of factual trivia for anyone wondering, Dredd was written and produced BEFORE The Raid even started filming. Dredd's script was leaked online some two years before they started shooting it. Then The Raid pops up out of nowhere and has the same kind of plot line. Coincidence? I think not.

problemchild842489d ago

I did LIKE the Dredd movie, they are very similar in structure not just the fact that they have tall buildings.

Besides I find it hard to believe that they read the script for Dredd online and cranked out a movie that quickly. The choreography alone had to take forever. Look at the way it(The Raid) is shot, there isn't many cutaways meaning that they had to nail the action or start the scene over again.

Again I liked both films but The Raid came out on DVD and Blu Ray BEFORE the Dredd movie even hit theaters.

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