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Watch the New Expendables 3 Roll Call

Following yesterday's 16 character posters (view them all below), Lionsgate has released this new "Roll Call" preview for The Expendables 3!

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Crazay2481d ago

I'm looking forward to this as well. Super fun balls to the walls action movies.

Hergula2480d ago

I cant wait, I love these nowadays called "cheesy" action flicks. I grew up watching these types of action films and I love the Expendables series as it is pretty much just a parody of the golden age of action films.

Crazay2480d ago

It really wanna know something that I'm moderately ashamed to admit... I kinda wish they had cast Corey Feldman in some capacity. Even a super small roll where he says one line. Just to add that little extra fromage.

Hergula2476d ago

Haha, that would actually be quite brilliant, I fully support the idea!

solidboss072480d ago

I watched the first one, and it sucked.