10 Unused Marvel Villains We're Dying To See On Screen


Marvel Comics has always been home to some of the most famous villains in recent movie history, from Magneto to Doctor Doom to Loki. But as we've moved deeply into the next phase of comic book movies, the lesser and more obscure bad guys are starting to come out of the woodwork. In the past year alone, the big screen has seen the likes of Coldblood, the Collector and Malekith The Accursed, and this Friday's Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens with the early menace of Batroc The Leaper. These are some serious deep cut characters, ones that not even nerds could spot in a lineup.

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Belasco1900d ago

Marvel has such an expansive universe that it could go on for a century, same with DC.

Lionsguard1900d ago

Yeah but DC or rather Warner Bros doesn't have the balls to use anyone outside of Batman and Superman.

ceballos77mx1900d ago

Now that marvel has the rights back for ghostrider and blade (not sure if it was someone else's rights or marvel) they have to team them up with morbius, and make it a very dark and gritty movie.

Porcelain_Chicken1900d ago

^^^ This please... That would be great. Especially how the Blade films were mediocre an the Ghostrider films never happened (amirite?). Although i don't see Disney/Marvel making a dark & gritty film. Their movies are light-hearted, borderline campy & full of one-liners

calis1900d ago

There were two Ghostrider movies.

thereapersson1900d ago


I think he meant they were so bad, it's like they don't exist. We need a new movie to reboot it and do it right.

cell9891899d ago

Blade 2 was actually good for its time.

Belasco1900d ago

I am very disappointed that the Xmen, Fantastic Four, and Spiderman are all off in some alternate universe because Fox and Sony have rights to them. Aside from a few of the Xmen movies and Spiderman 2, they have all stunk on ice.