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TVF Arrow Review: Man of Answers

Damn, that Slade Wilson is a lot of fun!

Slade made it pretty clear on Arrow Season 2 Episode 18 that his idea of making Oliver suffer is a little different than what one might have expected. He's not necessarily interested in overtly killing people, but in sharing his truths with them. I like it!

On Arrow Season 2 Episode 17, it felt like there were just too many lies and they were at the heart of all of the hurt going down in Starling City. Slade may not see things the same way, as he's using truths to hurt those who love Oliver, but in the end he's probably doing Oliver a favor.

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alycakes3233d ago

This was an hour full of surprises and some dumb actions too. Oliver should have known by now not to trust Isabel for any reason, he didn't have to know that she was working for Slade, just the way she's acted up til now I wouldn't trust her at least not with the whole company.

Thea should have been told that Oliver just found out about who her real father was himself. It was her mother that had kept the secret from both of them. I guess now she will become a trainwreck again

sjaakiejj3232d ago

To be fair though, with his sister kidnapped you can't exactly expect him to make rational decisions from that emotional state.

medman3232d ago

This show is so good. And Hannibal. Hannibal is phenomenal.