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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review [Kuma Kreations Ent]

Kuma Wrote: You know, being a kid raised in Brooklyn has its ups and downs, because not a lot of heroes to look up to for some of us. I mean depending on the area of Brooklyn you will have to grow up tough and at times know how to take a punch. I was raised in East NY Brooklyn and that is about as tough as you can get unless you were brought up in Brownsville, which I was as well. In any case you have a kid like Steve Rogers who was gifted with the right stuff of a good heart and stand up to any adversary no matter what, maybe that’s why he was picked for the super soldier project to become Captain America. Even through all his battles, it seems there is one that is hitting close to home and cap might have to decide on whom to trust. Welcome true believers to my review of Captain America: The Winter Solider.

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