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21 Most Rewatchable Comedy Movies Ever (1999 to 2014)

Here is the list of 21 most re-watchable comedy movies ever. Have a look now.

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Unztayble3233d ago

Dumb & Dumber? How can you miss that one. That movie cracks me up to this day.

hazelamy3233d ago

i agree, one of the funniest movies i've ever seen, but it came out in 94, too early for this list.
i'm sure they'd have put it in otherwise.

G3NZ3233d ago

yea, some movies missing from list, should be updated...

JL3233d ago

Sorry but this is a horrible list. There are a handful at best that I can agree with. Hangover was good the first time but more horrible with each sequel. Of all the Sasha Baron Cohen movies, pick The Dictator over Borat? And come on the list has a recent Adam Sandler movie on it, that should say enough there.

Can't for the life of me understand how things like Friends With Benefits, This Means War, 21 and Over, 21 and Over etc get on here while leaving off things like:
Old School
Talladega Nights
40 Year Old Virgin
Grandma's Boy
Super Troopers
Bad Santa
Meet the Parents
Shaun of the Dead
Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Wedding Crashers
Clerks II

And on and on and on

darklordzor3232d ago

Totally agree, and Due Date was terrible. I didn't find it all that funny, and anything it brought to the table isn't worth going back and watching again for.

SilentNegotiator3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Due Date? Ted? 21 and over?
So, the 21 most rewatchable...if you're a stoner fratboy.

I mean, DUE DATE?? That's just a ripoff of P,T,&A.

cruxito3232d ago

Due Date!? that movie was crap to the next level, not even a single laugh was giving at my movie theater when the movie was playing.
Bad Teacher? and Hangover 2-3? like half of the rest of the list, are horrible stupid full retarded movies!!! whats wrong with you!! and to top it off, he had the audacity to put an Adam Sandlers movie!!! seriously this guys needs to take some comedy classes.