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Possible Massive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Spoilers Land Online


Earlier today it was reported that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is getting a delay in release due to reshoots and apparently Michael Bay taking over production.

Now some potential massive rumors have hit the net, reportedly from someone in production that had a blowout with the studio and was let go.

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Anthotis2488d ago

Awful if true.

Actually, all of that sounds awful whether it's true or false.

Trunkz Jr2488d ago

I don't believe it. The leaker that lost his job sounds like he's trying to make the movie look bad with fake leaked info.

Geekman2488d ago

Had I still had faith in humanity, I would disagree with that comment, but I actually see it. You could put out the BEST Ninja Turtles Movie the world has know, but it will be bashed and attacked over and over because it's not the original Turtles cartoon.

Well, that and Megan Fox, but that's still no excuse.

smashcrashbash2487d ago

If it was the greatest Ninja Turtle Movie it wouldn't have so many things wrong with it.Ugly Turtles, white Shredder, bad director, Megan Fox, crappy producer,stupid sounding origin story,solider types instead of Foot Ninjas.I mean I really don't know why people are getting so upset because you say you don't like how this movie looks.Maybe people wouldn't be so quick to judge remakes and reboots if the hacks would stop crapping all over the legacy of the characters and the series and then shouting you down just because you say you don't like it like with Micheal Bay and Transformers. Open mindedness is one thing but don't diss my ability to see crap coming from mile away.Open minded not blind stupidity.

chaosdemon092487d ago

Some needs to tell Michael Bay people are tired of his movies. As much as I love the turtles my friends and gf all convinced me that where not seeing this.

Main_Street_Saint2487d ago

If half those details are correct, it's a crazy mismash of ideas that don't seem to gel (on paper anyhow).