'How I Met Your Mother' Ends With One Last Twist

CNN: Spoiler alert! If you haven't seen the series finale of "How I Met Your Mother," read no further
(CNN) -- In the end, it was always Robin.
That was the big bombshell from Monday night's final episode of "How I Met Your Mother," which piled on one surprise after another.

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-Foxtrot2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

This was such a slap to the face to fans


They basically wasted an ENTIRE season of Robins and Barneys wedding only for them to get divorced and never speak to each other again. Destroying all of Barneys character development the past seasons have built up.

They make Robin come off as a selfish b**** near the end aswell who trades her career for her husband and friends.

The Mother was basically a plot device to give Ted the kids he wanted so him and Robin could have a family.

We spent the entire 9 years wondering about the Mother, being teased about who she is and what she is like and in the last five minutes it's like ".....oh yeah she dies.....HOWEVER Robin is around" and that's it.

Oh and getting back with Robin would destroy or severely hurt his relationship with Barney, I mean ex girlfriend fine but EX WIFE....come on thats low for the Bro Code

They should of had the wedding over and done with in the first 2/3 episodes. Then build the Mother up for the next 20 episodes focusing on her and Teds relationship, the final episodes would expand on the year gaps in the finale.

THEN...when the Mother does die, maybe a funeral episode, it would of given us the emotional impact instead. Because we knew nothing much about the Mother and because we hardly seen her in the 20 episodes we got how could you feel anything, it didn't come that a big of a shock.

Seriously what a let down. First Dexter and now this.

iamnsuperman2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )


I was actually pissed off watching this. Barney had an entire series to develop which was wiped out in 10 minutes. He then has a quick development moment when he gets a random child at 40 (wtf was that).

The whole Robin and Ted thing ended. It was never about those two in the last series or even the entire programme. We always knew the mother would come along. It was weird. They ended on good terms and she got married while he meet his one but then 10 years later that didn't matter any more which made the mother feel like a cheap plot device. I was really liking the mother role and how she was going to meet Ted. I wouldn't have minded if she died in the end but she was meant to be Ted's One. The entire programme built up to that. I know HIMYM loves to misdirect people but misdirection is only good if it makes sense and isn't stupid

Overall it was crap. They undid everything they had built up and it seemed like a series finale for those who haven't watched the series in years.

-Foxtrot2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Totally agree man

They destroyed Barney's character development

His random love child was a stupid story line

The Mother basically was a plot device and it's a shame since I loved her as a character. I wanted to see episodes focused on him and her

The finale should of included the funeral for her. We would of cared more if we had more development.

I think the Robin/Ted thing was done so they could go "Guess you never saw that one coming" was so cheap.

I agree about not being bothered if she died as along as she was Ted's "The One".

It just made the ENTIRE wedding of season 9 pointless, seriously we could of had a season of The Mother and Ted.

Even if they didn't divorce it would of been better.

God what have they done :|

As for you comment below

"It would have been far better if she had died and he was just telling his children the story of how he met their mother because it was a good story to tell"

I think if they did this he could of explained the reason why he took so long telling it was because he wanted his kids to know how long he waited for her and how much she meant to him when she finally came along.

Jihaad_cpt2435d ago

He did develop once his daughter was born. Did you miss that?

silvacrest2435d ago


that was on the very final episode, not enough time was given for anyone to care to much

uncharted562435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Agreed it was so anti-climatic. They teased her who the mother was through various seasons and then they finally reveal her to only kill her character with little character development. I am pissed at what they did to Barney is so sad. While I agree that Ted and Robin should had ended together from the beginning their means of doing it was so horrible. They kept Ted in love with Robin throughout all the seasons, yet Robin didn't care until the end when all of a sudden she is in love with him again even though prior to it her feelings never resurfaced. WTF makes no sense. The show started so strong and ended so weak. Should had ended it a few seasons back imo with Robin and Ted being together.

Hergula2435d ago

I feel you on this one.

I was already getting pissed off after season 6 or 7, cant remember when, when the story started becoming overly dumb and bad. I blame the writing, the series started off so well, but the last few seasons made this an easy-to-forget tv show that ended very disappointingly.

Geekman2436d ago

I was JUST getting over the Sienfeld ending. You don't build up a story for years and then reveal that the person the story was about has been dead for years.

iamnsuperman2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I don't mind she was dead. It made sense. But the whole she is dead and he is telling the story to his children to get them to give him permission to go after Robin is just insulting. It would have been far better if she had died and he was just telling his children the story of how he met their mother because it was a good story to tell

krazykombatant2435d ago

Seinfeld ending made sense cuz the characters were all selfish and got into the most ridiculous situations and arguments.

alycakes2436d ago

I'm glad I got tired of watching it about two seasons ago and stopped or I would have been really mad at that season finale.

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Soldierone2436d ago

All things aside, I think the fact that the whole purpose fell through the crack is what destroyed it. The entire series is based off telling a story.... why is he telling the story?

The end it by basically saying now he has permission to go get Robin once and for all. (like stated above) It would have been better to end it on an emotional level and make the death impact much bigger. Maybe they all cry, but have a smile after he is done telling it.

I also think they wasted the opportunity to have her in a few episodes too.

I think there is a way to make it be Robin, but they pretty much ruined it with the wedding and bringing in the actual mother. Plus creating a "happy ending" is one of the hardest things to do.

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