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TVF The Following Review: Fly Away Home

It’s hard to believe that people would buy something as warped as the doctrine that Joe Carroll is spewing. It sounds so ridiculous just hearing someone explaining that killing others is the way to free souls and let them “go home.”

And yet, there are people out there that do absorb a cult’s teachings, no matter how crazy they might sound. Just look at a cult such as Charles Manson and his followers. Even something like members of the Peoples Temple committing mass suicide sounds ludicrous.

Still, watching Joe with his collection of followers on The Following Season 2 Episode 11 as he taught them the ways of Korban isn’t quite as entertaining or interesting as it could be. It just feels too much like him at the killer mansion in The Following Season 1, now with a religious spin.

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alycakes3231d ago

This show is so out there that I wonder sometimes where the writers minds go when they write these shows.