TVF The Blacklist Review: In Sickness and In Health

The truth about Tom will soon be fully revealed.

Who is he working for? What is with Berlin? Why is Liz connected at all?

That enigmatic mystery that surrounds Liz’s husband grows larger with each passing episode, as crumbs of information leak out for Liz and Red to try and connect the dots.

It’s good to see the two working together, but are they really? Red says he doesn’t know what’s up with Tom besides what Liz pretty much knows, but is he just lying? Should she even trust Red?

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alycakes2493d ago

I know I should not like Red but the more I find out about Liz's husband Tom and how Red has been right about him all along...I think I like Red more and more each week. He may be in it more for himself than anything else but he's also very smart and he hasn't lied about much so far. This is getting very interesting.