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The Walking Dead Season 5 Teaser Poster "Survive"


AMC continues releasing posters for The Walking Dead as the latest may be teasing season 5 with "Survive."

The end of the Season 4 finale saw the group captured by Terminus, but Rick wasn't taking it lying down as he said, "They're screwing with the wrong people."

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MysticStrummer3228d ago

As boring as season 4 was for the most part, "Survive" might mean making it through season 5 without being canceled. I know the show is still getting great ratings so that probably isn't even possible but the show's quality, which had already been dropping in my opinion, really took a nosedive in season 4.

Crazay3228d ago

I don't get the mentality that people have surrounding this show. The comics aren't all about shooting up zombies 100% of the time - it's like a human study. It can't all be action all the time.

Precisely what about season 4 was the nosedive for you?

maniacmayhem3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

In my opinion the episodes featuring Dale and Beth were beyond boring. I understand it was to show Dale "burning" his past away and accepting that he's not a loner and Beth coming into her own and not being daddy's little girl anymore but it was boring as all hell.

Not to mention everyone does everything so out of character. You would think by now the group would realize that their chances of survival are best when they stick together and yet throughout that whole second half of the season everyone is quick to leave and go on their own to do .. whatever. I am also guessing its to show they all need each other but it was portrayed in such a stupid way that I couldn't even begin to believe it.

And nobody on the show can give anyone a straight answer. Glenn wakes up in the back of the truck tells the army guy he has to leave and instead of explaining why he has to, just starts punching the dude and a fight starts.

Michonne just can't explain what happened to her in the past. It has to be drawn out and over dramatized, and relived in certain tense unnecessary moments. Dale can't tell Rick that Beth has been kidnapped? Why?

It's also getting very tedious as the group keeps getting duped over and over again by outside humans and zombies.

Darth Gamer3228d ago

Agreed! I loved season 4 and thought only 1 episode was boring but I still liked it. The show is not about zombies. Its about humanity and survival of it in my book. Working together in times of desperation and how the human race comes together or falls apart. Are the Zombies the walking dead or the living people. Great show.

MysticStrummer3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Love the comics, and for awhile I loved the show too, but I think the writing has been going downhill basically since they got to the prison. It's been a slow decline until season 4, but it's been enough that several people I know, also fans of the comic, stopped watching during season 3. I'll keep watching, I'm just hoping it picks up and I'm not talking about mandatory zombie shooting.

Edit - @maniac - I agree with all that.

mushroomwig3228d ago

'might mean making it through season 5 without being canceled.'

Canceled? What are you talking about? The season 4 finale had a record amount of viewers, 15 million people. The show isn't going anywhere, sorry to disappoint you.

MysticStrummer3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

You could have read a little further down where I acknowledged the huge ratings and said it was unlikely to be canceled. It's not like my comment was lengthy.

I don't want it to go away I want it to get better. In the beginning it was great and I looked forward to every episode through the first two seasons and into the third, but it has slowly become a show that I'm watching just because I like zombie related things in general, not because I'm a fan of Walking Dead.

cjflora3228d ago

It's ok for you not to like the show, but please stop watching it so that those of us who really enjoy it can discuss it with like minded people rather than dealing with people who want Michael Bay Presents: The Exploding Dead.