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The Walking Dead Season Four Finale Sets Another Record With 15.7 Million Viewers


Following last night's superb season four finale of The Walking Dead, it should come as no surprise to learn that the show has once again broken records. Meanwhile, Alanna Masterson (Tara), Christian Serratos (Rosita) and Andrew J. West (Gareth) have been upped to series regulars for season five.

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-Foxtrot3230d ago

Shame it was such a crap finale...honestly who the hell puts in pointless flashbacks which take up most the episode for the FINAL episode of the season, an episode which the season builds up to. It's like a writers first mistake in screen writing.

Carl is getting worse and it's bugging me even more now. He's brought Rick down as a character and now Michone who is becoming too soft now instead of the badass she once was, the way she just randomly told Carl about her son again was so out of place.

Oh and the marauders storyline was over and done with so fast, it felt rushed. When you've had pointless episodes like the one with Daryl and Beth basically looking around then getting drunk you could of had a longer marauder storyline arc filling up that episodes slot instead WITH the flashbacks shown in the finale.

Soldierone3229d ago

In my opinion they had two too many flashbacks. The one at the end of the episode wasn't needed, some of the others could have been cut down A LOT.

Geekman3229d ago

"Who the hell puts pointless flashbacks which take up most of the episode."


-Foxtrot3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

...."for the FINAL episode of the season an episode which the season builds up to."

It's bad story telling, you don't put flashbacks like what we saw in your "Act 3" in screen writing.

TheSaint3229d ago

But they're not pointless, they are telling the story of the island.

cell9893229d ago

I actually enjoyed them, we got a little more of Hershel. They were also meant as a catalyst as to how Rick handled the situation when they were held up at gun point. How he took DAT BITE, which translates to, use all resources at your disposal at any given time. That's why at the end he says "they messed with the wrong people"

Geesh people think outside the box for once...

blacktiger3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

I'm not much of a flash back,but these were good ones especially, Hershel. He's a one good old grandpa I wish I had. And the advice he gave were really great too.

And overall, I really enjoyed the episode a lot!

sjaakiejj3229d ago

If you thought the flashbacks were pointless, you simply misunderstood what they were for. The flash backs were there to establish the road that Rick had taken from then to now, and to refresh our memory on some small details that were incredibly important later in the episode.

-Foxtrot3229d ago

For goodness sake

They were pointless in the FINAL episode of the season....if you wanted to put that stuff in do in an episode or so before hand. We've had so many boring episodes as fillers before this finale so why didn't they add them in then

As I've said you don't put flashbacks like this in your final episode of the season.

They were just used as filler so they could get the finale over and done with.

KillerPwned3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Edit: After finishing this I realized I put it in the wrong area.

As much as I did not enjoy the flashbacks they were not pointless they pertained to the development of the characters especially Rick. When Hershel had Rick go get Carl and bring him out to plant seeds ect... It wasn't just about going out and killing zombies anymore.

Rick was trying to teach Carl different non-violent ways of survival and when that group of guys attacked Rick, Carl and so on in the last episode. Rick failed Hershel to never show the monster side of what he is now to Carl. So now Carl has become terrified of his father and fears that he is a monster to and will become just like his dad.

This is all of them trying to keep their sanity and not change like everyone else has. To look on a positive note and live their lives out the best they can.

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Spiewie 3229d ago

I haven't watched the last 3 episodes they got a little lame now I only watch Arrow.

ironfist923229d ago

I always hope Arrow will rake in those numbers one day, but I supposed Zombies are more attractive to the American population than heroes.

Spiewie 3229d ago

Arrow really deserves more attention it's fantastic and yeah you're right zombies are the big thing I really don't know why though.

Soldierone3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

As an episode, it was great. As a season finale? Ehh.

You spend 6 or 7 episodes leading up to this.... and do nothing with it. Instead we get flashbacks and basically an episode that just keeps leading us on. it would have been better to see this episode one or two episodes ago, then finish it at a different spot.

I mean we talking a 7 month cliffhanger here.....

SaffronCurse3229d ago

Too bad the quality of the show has been dropping exponentially. What a horrendous way to end a season.

whalefat3229d ago

sounds to me like whatever they decided to make as a season finale that you all would have criticised it.I, like many other people who watched it thought it was a fantastic episode,Rick(andrew lincoln is playing this character perfectly)is becoming more badass and the relationship between michonne and carl is really handled well,michonne almost becoming a mothering figure to him.Too many comic book fanboys with negative opinions comparing it to the comics,just take the tv series as it is,a well acted, great piece of drama in which I cannot wait for the next season.

blacktiger3229d ago

It wasn't that great, however it was a great storytelling :)

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