TVF The Walking Dead Season Finale Review: All Aboard

For the second half of The Walking Dead Season 4, the survivors have been following the train tracks and converging on the offered sanctuary at Terminus.

The majority of those episodes tried focusing on character and inciting hope at the end of a long and tiring journey. And in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15, Maggie, Glenn, Bob, Sasha, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene all arrived to find a welcoming committee that just seemed way too suspicious.

Would Terminus turn out to be another Woodbury?

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 kept that question dangling in front of us for a good portion of the hour, but provided additional tension and danger before even getting to the answer that everyone had been contemplating.

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alycakes1938d ago

Very stressful episode from beginning to end. I knew it was not going to be good but I wasn't sure in what way when they got to the end of the road for sanctuary. Now I can't wait for it to return with new episodes.