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IGN: The Walking Dead "A" Review

The Walking Dead Season 4 finale served as a response to a question Rick has been asking himself nearly since the start of the series: What kind of man am I? The answer, at least to some degree, is whatever kind of man the moment demands of him; which is exactly what he’d need to be in order to make a strong and viable leader in this world. I do feel that the conclusion could have been stronger, this was one of the most well-directed and executed episodes of the latter half of this season. This installment, in fact the season of as a whole, seems to have been attempting to close accounts on what's past and create the ground for something new. It's been imperfect, and often uneven, and yet, there's something about this created universe that keeps us wanting, striving to see it fulfill its full potential. Overall, I enjoyed the episode and look forward to what next year brings.

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