Jurassic World Filming At The Honolulu Zoo

Jurassic World: According to the Hawaii Film & Video Magazine, Jurassic World's first filming location will be the Honolulu Zoo. While the article states how tight-lipped the production is, it does go into minor details about the new park we'll be seeing, as well as stating that the film will shoot exteriors in San Diego, CA.

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StarWarsFan2127d ago

Nice to see not every movie has to go out of the country.

aDDicteD2126d ago

i am more inclined on anticipating rumors of which dinosaurs would appear in the film. i hope there would be a dozen.

ironfist922126d ago

Im betting on sea dinosaurs. T-Rex, not sure about Spinosaurus, lots of velociraptors, more Triceratops

And also, if they can bring back dinosaurs to life, why not Mammoths and Sabre Tooth Tigers?

aDDicteD2126d ago

they already confirmed having a sea reptile most probably a mosasaur. i think they will not pick spinosaurus to separate itself from the third installment, but i hope they will, it was a cool dinosaur to have, and of course t rex and raptors will surely be in attendance.

con4g232126d ago

i miss seeing dinosaurs, in games and movies :( finally it's time

windblowsagain2126d ago

Yeah glad something is happening on the dinosaur front.

There needs to be a good dinosaur movie and games.

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