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Joe Manganiello Says Magic Mike 2 “Is Gonna Happen This Fall”

Though reboots and big franchise properties are the main output for studios nowadays, every now and then a smaller film will pop with audiences and become a surprise success. Such was the case with director Steven Soderbergh’s excellent male stripper drama Magic Mike, which grossed a hefty $167 million worldwide against a budget of just $7 million. Obviously with that kind of return it would be financially sound to move forward with a sequel, and star/producer Channing Tatum has been keen on making the follow-up a reality. However, with Soderbergh in a self-imposed retirement and Tatum plenty busy with other projects, the timeline of the follow-up has been a bit murky.

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StarWarsFan2571d ago

I don't know why some guys loved this movie. It was a little boring.

AnEwGuY2570d ago

Because they are gay maybe ???