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Need For Speed Review | LRA

LRA writes:

Generally speaking, even the worst films with the worst scripts can be helped by the actors. Actors have a special talent for taking something and making it work despite all its glaring flaws (Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman being in the top tier of actors who can accomplish this). Aaron Paul is a great actor, well...let's rephrase that for a second. He is an actor who was great on a little television show, you may have heard of it, called Breaking Bad. Watching Paul transform from a punk drug dealer to the complex and morally confused human being with a conscious as we saw at the end of the series was some of the best acting ever put on screen, period.

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KingPin3232d ago

i watched this the other day.
it was meh...
i didnt walk out thinking this revolutionized car movies but i didnt feel like i wasted my money either. it was just a popcorn flick and thats it. i mean its not like the games have a deep story and hollywood butchered it.

StarWarsFan3231d ago

You'd think a movie based on this franchise would have been the first major car franchise movie released a long time ago. I remember how popular this was upon the early installments of the games.