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Spider-Man Stories That Would Make Great Movies

TribeComics: "Sony recently announced they will utilize their Spider-Man license to its fullest by implementing an entire universe of films. This will be similar to Marvel making Avengers as Sony will release yearly Spider-Man oriented films to complete their little universe. Sony has license rights to all things Spider-Man. This means all his villains, clones, and friends. So what would make a good Spider-Man film in this universe?

Let’s just get the typical stories out of the way. On lists like this you will obviously expect Gwens death, Venom coming about, and probably even Carnage. We want to think outside of the box, so for the sake of more in-depth ideas we are going to go ahead and say those stories are already on the plate."

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BubShehi2767d ago

Well IMO I think Sony needs to really look into the spidey history to get the true stories that the fans really want to see not just the characters .All good choices but i know there must be more.we're talking almost over 1000 issues worth.

Soldierone2767d ago

One of my favorite stories is I think Spider-Man Blue. It's about MJ and Spidey being together, but they get separated and MJ goes on a hunt to find him.

The only problem with stories like that is people go to the movies these days to see explosions and action, so a Spidey film based on a love story probably wouldn't fly over so well.

iamnsuperman2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Getting the fans on board is one of thing but they need to get the general public on board who would rather see sterotypical spiderman fighting the usual bad guys with explosions

I think what Sony is doing (the back/side story) is interesting but I know the average viewer doesn't care

256bit2767d ago

i like if they do something like shattered dimensions.