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Ranking the Raiders of the Lost Ark Rip-Offs

IGN: Raiders of the Lost changed the landscape of film when it hit screens back in 1981. The heady mix of action, adventure and comedy was a throwback to the movie serials of the 1930s and '40s, but the budget was big, the Steven Spielberg direction expert, and in Harrison Ford the film had a bona fide movie star in the lead.

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StarWarsFan2760d ago

King Solomon’s Mines just seems blatantly like a copy.

aDDicteD2759d ago

National Treasure, The Mummy and Romancing the stone were good films, even though they are in some perspective influenced by raiders, they have enough components to maintain their own identity.

Tomb Raider could have been a good franchise but was not handled well, i certainly would like a remake. with a great script and an less known but talented actress.