11 Questions Raised By The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer

TF: The trailer's main thrust seems to involve William Fichtner's Shredder explaining to Megan Fox's April why he's the good guy. Oh, and he goes waaaaayyy back with her dad.

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Hergula2087d ago

The parts with Fox in the trailer were indeed bad, like literally, almost made me stop watching it...

On a side note: Leonardo tho. damn....

frelyler2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

I say give it a chance. Fox's character didn't even say a single line in the whole trailer. People need to do a few things before seeing this move. The first is to realize Bay did not direct this, which most seem to ignore or not realize. The second is this is a movie about mutant turtles, there is no way for that not to be cheesy, so embrace it for what it is and be happy we get it. I was born in 82 and the ninja turtles were my go to on Saturday morning and with toys, I absolutely loved them. I still have a bin of the original toys. If someone like me who loved them so much can look at this film that way, then others need to as well.

Hergula2085d ago

Dont get me wrong, I am stille excited for the film, and personally, I think it looks badass, but Fox tho, never really liked her, largely cuz of her lack of acting skill.

I love TMNT too, I guess thats why I am not happy with Fox being April, cant wait to see my fave tho, Donatello.

Thatguy-3102086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

You really hate Megan Fox don't you? lol If she can perform the way she did in the transformers movie I can look pass it. Her character did't even say a single line so just give it a chance. She nailed the fainting face don't you think?? lol

Hergula2085d ago

Haha, hate is a strong word, I would say that I simply dislike her, largely cuz she lacks acting skill, inmo.

Haha, she looks like she got nails in her face, if thats what you meant? haha LOL, cuz of all the plastic surgery... haha...

U make a point tho.

DangerousDAN2078d ago

What is it exactly that you're expecting from the character of April? No movie ever gave her much to do or much personality at all. Even the cartoons just portrayed her as a damsel in distress. I don't know about the comics, never read 'em, but I never saw April as such an incredible and complex character. She was hot and in trouble, that was good enough, apparently. How is Fox doing a terrible April?

aDDicteD2087d ago

the trailer was a lot better than i expected, i hope the movie will be a surprising hit.