Fugitive, Soldier, Hero: Watch The New Trailer For '24: Live Another Day'

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Four years off the grid, Jack Bauer is coming back (sorta Jason Bourne style) ready to kick ass and take names, only this time, he's in London. That's right, the event series "24: Live Another Day" is coming to jack up your heart rate and a new trailer is here to show off what's coming.

So what's in the mix this time? How about a planned presidential assassination that could start a new World War unless Jack stops it? Yep, those are sufficiently high stakes, with goth Mary Lynn Rajskub aiding the wanted man, while lots of other people shout into phones and look up stuff on computer screens and talk in secret agent code. Stuff explodes, Kiefer Sutherland looks pissed, and yes this is "24" served up hot and steaming.

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alycakes2572d ago

I, for one, can't wait. I was always a Jack Bauer and Chloe fan. I enjoyed watching the whole series.....all 8 seasons.