Dane DeHaan Is Sinister In Best Look At Green Goblin In The Amazing Spider-Man 2


If you weren't already spooked by previous looks at Harry Osborn's (Dane DeHaan) transformation into the Green Goblin, you may be with this new Amazing Spider-Man 2 promo image.

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StarWarsFan2087d ago

Great image. I'm just not a fan of the actor's look without the makeup.

coolbeans2087d ago

I think that design looks awful.

ironfist922087d ago

Same here, which is a shame considering he's a talented actor.

Seems they took the "Goblin" thing too literally

Hergula2086d ago

What does the physical appearance of Goblin have anything to do with Dane Dehaan's acting skill? He is still a good actor, the physical appearance of the character does not change anything.

Hergula2086d ago

Really? I think it is actually a huge improvement over the mech gobling we got in Tobey's Spidey.

coolbeans2086d ago

I respectfully disagree. To me, it's just going way beyond the line of..."overly ghoulish" in an otherwise more 'darker' sort of reboot that makes it look so dumb to me.

Hergula2085d ago

I can respect that, although even in the comic books the goblin looks like a goblin, so I guess I like the crazy look, as you cant make a realistic superhero film.

Hergula2086d ago

I personally thinks he looks brilliant, especially considering how awful the mech suit from Tobey's Spidey was, I am glad with this look.