Why Chris Evans Is Retiring, And Why Other Actors Might Follow Suit


We overestimate the passion for movie-star acting that some performers might have. Acting, certainly, is a passion, and a worthy one. But you act to act, you act to perform, you act to find new truths, new depths. You don’t act to become a movie star, and the bigger the star you are, the less acting you’re actually doing. And in the age of superhero movies and endless franchises, your creative expression is limited if you wear a mask and hold a shield and run through explosions.

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MilkMan2087d ago

Sucks to be rich, have good looks and not worry about a job. I cry for you bro.

Hergula2086d ago

Haha, my dude, I could not have said it better myself.

MilkMan2086d ago

Oh and from what I've read of early reviews, be in a kick ass sequel also.

Let me wipe my tears.


Hergula2086d ago

Haha, you are right on the money!