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Details To Avengers: Age of Ultron Scenes Filmed


You probably could have put two and two together by looking at the set photos, but a description of The Avengers: Age of Ultron scenes filmed has emerged as well as a closer look at the sequel's villain.

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GenericNameHere2773d ago

Is Quicksilver wearing a white hair wig? And can the Olsen twins' sister act? I don't watch much movies, so I've never seen her before. Also, goodness gracious. Give Hawkeye a mask, please! Remove the giant H in the middle of the mask if you think it's silly.

And now for Ultron... Meh. Had the same impression as the first time I saw the DOFP Sentinels. I'll need to see it in motion first.

PS AoU and DOFP Quicksilvers are played by different actors, right? Huh... I wonder if moviegoers will get confused, or just not care.

dale_denton2773d ago

Elizabeth Olsen is a solid actress

DarkBlood2773d ago

I think it was fairly obvious with all that silver that it would be ultron though I thought they need green to do the cgi?

ironfist922773d ago

Not in these times. motion trackers or mocap suits do the job, especially with a full character. And my guess is that the guy in the photos are acting as a placeholder, not in the actual scenes.