Jason Statham In The Transporter 4 After All?

The new Transporter movie. What do we know about that? Well it'll be called The Transporter 4 and will star Ed Skrein as a young Frank Martin. A prequel, but then called The Transporter 4 (according to The Hollywood Reporter) at the same time?

Like the new 300 movie, maybe it'll act as both prequel and sequel?

Well a new rumor suggests that Jason Statham will appear in the movie...

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DarkBlood2091d ago

Certainly hope he is in the movie other wise I wont see it in theaters

StarWarsFan2089d ago

Gotta have Statham for this to work. Even the show wasn't quite right without him. They should bring in the first director to give it another shot. I think everything can agree the first was the best one out of the franchise.