Selina Kyle Revealed In Gotham First Look Photo


Following up on yesterday's glimpse of Donal Logue as Detective Harvey Bullock for Fox's Gotham comes our first look at the beautiful Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle, also known as the future Catwoman. She's just a teen in this series, which serves as a prequel to Batman's era in Gotham and will focus on Ben McKenzie's character Detective Jim Gordon.

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ironfist922091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

I hope they dont tip-toe around the comic book's extravagancies and make this a boring and entirely realistic adaptation of the comics, sucking all the fun and life out of it.

Add some of the humour and colour and weirdness found in the DC universe.

StarWarsFan2090d ago

She does kinda look like a cat, doesn't she?

ironfist922090d ago

She actually looks like a younger Michelle Pfeiffer

-Foxtrot2090d ago

Interest now fully dropped....this should of been focused on Gordon, the Gotham Police and their struggles against Gothams underworld.

Not shoe horning characters in when they are younger and most likely played by crappy child actors.

MasterD9192090d ago

I think I was excited for it, but logically it just doesn't make sense. They could have based the entire series around Gordon (as an aged veteran) and made Batman (and all of the villains) like boogeymen in an obscure way (only appearing as cameos), so the series doesn't rely solely on the material at hand. In this case, they are grouping all of these great characters in a way that doesn't necessarily fit for the timeline of the story and it doesn't work for all of the Batman characters there are.

ironfist922090d ago

Could explain why this is over at fox and not tied to Arrow/Flash

MasterD9192089d ago

It's ironic since CW/WB had a series of DC-related shows. Fox and Batman haven't been together since the mid-90's cartoon.

If it's gritty and done right, I think it will be a great show. But that is taking a huge leap of faith considering the strange direction they are going with it. My guess is that they didn't want to overlap any future movies with a t.v. show version- so we're getting a mild but new take on a prequel.

aDDicteD2089d ago

the young actress looks a perfect fit. i just hope they make this series good. i do not have any problems if they are making iconic characters such as selina kyle or bruce wayne in the show but i hope they make good character developments and make the show thrilling and gothic. the suceess of this show is slim because it will always be compared to other batman films on how gotham looks and feels like, the characters such as jim gordon will be roughly compared with how gary oldman did the character, so overall it will be hard to impress fans but it is possible if the people behind the show put a lot of dedication.