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Legendary CEO Thomas Tull Sounds Encouragingly Optimistic About Pacific Rim 2


While Pacific Rim 2 is still not officially confirmed, the latest statement from Legendary CEO Thomas Tull suggests a sequel to Guillermo del Toro's kaiju love letter is highly probable.

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barb_wire2767d ago

Wouldn't that be kind of hard? Since Legendary are no longer at Warner Bros, and "Pacific Rim" is a Warner Bros picture?

Sure Legendary are the money men but Warner Bros owns that one and the copyright on it.. Legendary now work at Universal Pictures, unless some kind of deal is done (and the way I read it, Legendary burned a lot of bridges when they left Warner Bros) I don't see this happening (not with Legendary anyway).

ironfist922766d ago

Thats true. I liked the Legendary/WB collaborations over the years. Maybe with PR they can come to some sort of agreement.