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33 Actors who Died While Filming a TV Show or Movie

Unfortunately, these actors never got to finish their last roles. These stars met their untimely deaths while filming a movie or television

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viccrack2776d ago

good list . got new info about some of the actors

hazelamy2776d ago

i'd like to add Gloria Foster to the list.
probably her most famous role was the Oracle, from the Matrix films.
sadly she died before finishing the sequel and they had to recast the role.
when you think of that character, you think of her version, at least i do.
even though Mary Alice's version had more screen time.

aDDicteD2776d ago

a lot of great talents in the list. sadly they passed away early, some or most of them have a lot left in their careers to make a lot of difference, like paul walker, im sure he can do a lot more roles and bruce lee, i saw his last film enter the dragon had a lot of potential and surely he can make more of those films.

SnakeCQC2776d ago

:( had no idea that John Candy was dead

SilentNegotiator2776d ago

If you don't see an actor as great as John Candy for 2 decades, they're probably dead.

SilentNegotiator2776d ago

Oh man, John Ritter...that 8 Simple Rules show train wrecked so fast after that. Obviously that isn't the biggest tragedy of it all, but it IS a shame that the show went south so soon and fast.

gunnerforlife2776d ago

Ahhh it was such an amazing show! It still had its moments even after his death, but it just lacked that spark that made it so great with him on board! And that ending hurt me! Wish they would of closed the show properly?

SilentNegotiator2775d ago

As a "My Name is Earl" fan (which ended with "To be continued..."), I feel your pain.

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