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Walt Disney Pictures Announces Cars 3 and The Incredibles 2


Disney Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger today announced that Pixar Animation Studios is developing a third big screen Cars adventure as well as a sequel to Brad Bird's 2004 superhero adventure The Incredibles. The announcement was made during a meeting of shareholders and D23 Members during the company's annual meeting today in Portland, Oregon.

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Soldierone2777d ago

Can I be the first one here to say.... not another Cars movie.....

Incredibles 2 sounds awesome. It's a bit strange to me that it took them this long to make it. The first one came out when superheros were just starting to get cool, you'd thing with how much that has boomed that this movie would come sooner.

quenomamen2777d ago

This is all Disney pulling the strings.

-Foxtrot2777d ago


BUT....Cars 3, oh for god sake Pixar thats like the last Pixar franchise which should get a sequel. We all ready have awful spin offs like Planes for it.

How about Ratatouille, an actual Monsters Inc sequel featuring Boo, Toy Story 4...hell even a Bugs Life 2.

Soldierone2777d ago

They announce Bugs Life 2, and they can use my money to put into the budget :P

Cars though.... come on Disney....

StarWarsFan2777d ago

Very cool. Although, I'm not sure about another Cars, considering they also have Planes 2 coming out this year.

Soldierone2777d ago

It's not Pixar making planes. It's Disney Animation. Disney is probably "threatening" to make Cars 3 if Pixar doesn't do it.... they did that with Toy Story 2 and made a really bad script.... So Pixar decided to take over and do it properly.

quenomamen2777d ago

Incredibles is one of my favorite animated movies, it had more of an an adult, james bond feel to it but another effin talking vehicle movie ! Stop it ! All these talking vehicle movies are nothing but money grabs by Disney. Pixar should stayed independent.

SouthClaw2777d ago

I liked Cars 1 it was a good story. The second one felt like it should have been a straight to DVD kind of film. It had that low quality story that just felt urgh. I wouldn't mind a third as long as the script quality goes up.

I wouldn't mind seeing a monsters 3 or Brave 2. I'm glad to hear about The Incredibles.