Three New Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Images


Three new image stills from Sin City: A Dame To Kill for have hit the net featuring Josh Brolin, Jessical Alba and Eva Green.

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aDDicteD2094d ago

the cast of sin city 2 is more promising than the first one. even though i liked the first film and enjoyed it, i never really saw it as one of my favorite films, dont get me wrong, it was a good film with a good ensemble of actors, however, i think this upcoming film will be better and the cast now like joseph gordon levitt, josh brolin and eva green looks to blend in sin city more naturally than the actors and actresses before like nick stahl, elijah wood and josh hartnett. only brittany murphy, clive owen and benicio del toro are the ones that i wish will return but will not be in the film.

Crazay2094d ago

I hope this movie lives up to just how awesome the original was because I loved the original movie. Haven't seen it in years though. I'm feeling inspired to dig it up now.

medman2093d ago

The first Sin City was a classic. I'm really hoping this one lives up to that standard.