New Look At 'Goblin' And 'Rhino' In Latest Images From The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Check out seven brand new stills in anticipation of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, featuring the web-slinging hero, and both Aleksei Sytsevich & Harry Osborn in full Rhino & Goblin modes

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Crazay2089d ago

I think Goblin looks badass. HATE the whole RHino is a big old metal suit and still not a big fan of Electro. Still really want to see this movie though.

3-4-52089d ago

Electricity as a weapon is always so boring.

It's like "ahh I'm gonna shock you...over and over again"

It's lame. It's one of the lamest parts of Star Wars too.

Soupaman662088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

electricity is not some annoyance. Its deadly. imagine if you cant controll it and a simple movement can electricute your loved ones to the point of burning their flesh. Thats not boring. Thats scary. The reason in the movie that it doesnt look deadly is because they need it to look less realistic and on top of that, the main character is mostly he one getting shocked. That means he cant be disformed, metally dammaged, or melted flesh because the audience would be upset. Theres also that heroes can have some resistance to the electricity but I bet its very minor.

-Superman-2088d ago

Well they made Rhino just like in comics, a robotic suit. Also robotic suit is more realistic than "mutant Rhino" which needs another ORIGIN STORY at least 1hr... to have mutant Rhino we need at least 3-4hr movie then.

Crazay2088d ago

I guess the whole shocker, goblin and lizard things are pretty realistic enough to no warrant a mutant rhino?

-Superman-2088d ago

To Crazay.
Its stupid if we had all mutant villains.
Rhino has small roll in movie. If Rhino was also mutant villain then it would be Spider-Man 3 all over again where everyone turns into mutant for no reason at all and have too much stuff going on in 2hr movie.

KingPin2089d ago

meh, im pretty much done with marvel movies.
they were fun but now its just getting a bit much.
to be honest, too many comic book movies nowadays.

although i must say, the DC animated movies are quite enjoyable. so who knows, if the new superman movie is close to that i just might watch it.

Crazay2089d ago

DC Animated are second to none. I've only seen a few of them but they were awesome quality.

ironfist922088d ago

Often the DC animated films are better than real films of today.

krazykombatant2088d ago

Didn't know Oscorp was the Eye of Sauron.

StarWarsFan2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Green Goblin does look menacing. No mask required. It's too bad Rhino is being so underutilized. Reminds me of how Sandman was treated. Just a shame to waste such characters.

Deadpool6162088d ago

That's usually due to their source material. Sandman and Rhino fall into the "small time thugs that get powers" category. So they're not too interesting.

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