Bryan Singer Says X-Men Apocalypse Will Take Place in the 1980s; New DOFP Images

Collider: X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has opened up a bit about the film’s follow-up, X-Men: Apocalypse, and while he stopped short of confirming reports that it will revolve around the X-Men: First Class cast members, it seems hard to imagine it won’t.

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aDDicteD2089d ago

if singer said that x men apocalypse will be the most action filled film with a lot of destruction does that mean that the x men days of the future past, will just have moderate destruction even though it involves sentinels?

i have a feeling that this film is just story driven, although it is great that it is story driven, i think there would be some backlash from fans that there was not enough sentinels vs mutants faceoff. although it might just be a prediction of mine, by really looking at the trailer, some how you can piece up the puzzle and how the story will go and we have yet to see any sentinels on the last trailer if there is one more coming.

ironfist922089d ago

Wonder who's going to play Apocalypse

Blasphemy2088d ago

is apocalyspe going to be in the film? i know its got apocalypse in it but... he is the baddest villian in the franchise cause he cant be killed and he is invincible. its going to be amazing hopefully to see him in the movie!

ironfist922088d ago

apocalypse and thanos are a poor man's Darkseid :P

cell9892088d ago

Ive been wanting Apocalypse and Thanos to be on the big screen for a long ass time, its taken so long, I jsut hope that they dont fuck it up

ironfist922088d ago

well...remember what they did to galactus...

cell9892087d ago

:( damn bro you just ruined my day reminding me about FF2's "Galactus" He was obviously to f-ing epic to be done right on the big screen with a limited budget and a director's poor vision :( The Silver Surfer got no justice either :/

Deadpool6162089d ago

My trust in Singer has steadily diminished since Superman Returns. I hope he manages to get something good going with his return to the X-Men franchise.

KwietStorm2088d ago

What did he do after Superman?

Deadpool6162088d ago

Valkyrie and Jack the Giant Slayer.

cell9892087d ago

he hasnt been on a good streak, which is worrisome